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Thursday, August 7, 2014

What "HOME" Means to Me

“Home is the people you are with.” When I heard this today, it made me bawl…well, it did. I instantly felt a connection to those words. I felt a deep intense knowing that described me to a tee. When after all these years, I’ve been trying to think of what home really meant to me?”  My soul (my being) over the past four years, has had this tremendous longing for home, a tug at my heart to just to be home. 

At first, home to me meant; making a home with someone not the place but sharing life with someone, that was where my home was. Slowly it evolved into a searching, a calling you could say, from a sixth sense that somewhere in this great big universe, up in the sky, the stars, is a place that I came from that I call home. Of course, other then the earth itself. Then I moved onto the feeling that is was a place inside of me: a place of peacefulness and I take it with me wherever I go.

Today, I am thinking home is very much inside of me. It arises from the depths of your being if you allow it. Home is the people you are with, whether it is yourself, your relationship or partner, your friend, your coworker, even your pet. It is in ALL, in everything. Home is always that in which you can connect to and express outward to the universe. Home is that piece of you, the light inside that comes out wherever you are at in the moment, stirring and opening the heart to a place of peace.

This peacefulness that washes over you, this feeling I call home, could come in many ways. It can come from your connection to the simplest of things like:  taking depth breaths, being in mediation, laying in someones arms, sight of spastic doggy greetings, the creamy inside of a doughnut that soothes all your tastebuds, driving down the street on the block where you grew up as the sight of your family home emerges, a conversation with someone you really don’t know and smiles appear unexpectedly, a text message out of the blue from someone you care about who is thinking of you, rereading your written words that flowed easily onto a page, tingles from the sparks of your imagination, and from the warmth of a hot shower upon waking on a real cold morning. It is basically everything that makes you feel alive in that moment.

Home is what we are all really working towards, desiring, needing, seeking, striving, longing for. Home is the remembrance, an awakening of a knowingness inside, a familiarity, a calling, a connection, an emotion in ones psyche. The peeling away of blockages-the walls around our hearts, letting the light shine in, awakening home slowly, each time we experience the connection to it all that brings peace within, is home.

I know that is nirvana, that is heaven, that is the oneness, that is the light, that is the home inside all of us. I am so grateful for the things that remind me of the feeling of home; the people, the places, the treasured memories, the tangibles of life, the quietness of nature, the sharing of ones heart, the harmony from the oneness of it all, that’s home. Home is LOVE.