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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Sunday Hello From NYC ~ 14

My Sunday Hello From NYC,
“Please help me find my way, where my dreams come true in ways that are unfathomable to imagine”, was my daily mantra from not so long ago, crosses my mind. There are dreams you have, wishes you would love to have fulfilled, and miracles that bring inspiration, joy and delight in life, which keep pushing you onward, time and time again. I never imagined, sitting here in this moment, that my life would be filled with dreams, wishes, and miracles that continually flow and transpire right before me since moving to NYC.
Traveling about the city, whether I’m working or on one of my fantasized excursions I’ve dreamt of, brings the world right at my feet, literally. Everything imaginable and then some exudes from the pulse of life all around NYC…infamous horse carriage rides in Central Park, strolling along 5th Avenue high-end living, sights of the iconic Empire State Building, the expansive art exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum, the lit-up marquee’s on Broadway leering to the seekers of musical entertainment, taxi’s upon taxi’s in a blur of yellow zipping along the streets, historic brownstones quaintly decorated with flowering boxes of colors along the stoops, the artistic flavor of Greenwich Village, to the electronic buzz of Time Square where millions of people flock each year, with so many tasty delights to choose from including the multitude of street vendors, but after settling in and learning my way around, I found life here is really a gift, including my visits to the Hampton’s, a nice escape from the city.
Here I sit in a rocking chair on the deck, far away from the cacophony of the city, surrounded by carefully landscaped greenery, with gardens in full bloom, a buzz of pure loveliness that beholds my eyes, always amazed in the grandiose style that life has become for me, since moving to NYC. 
Here I sit gazing at the pool, reflective of sparkles on the crystalline surface, beckoning a plunge in my naked glory, with an assortment of trees; the big oaks, Cryptomeria, blue spruce, and white pines towering in a majestic line, on the outskirts of the surrounding gardens.
Here I sit, as a sweet melodic serenade of wild life floats through the air, while minuscules of insects make their way in and around the array of perennials, while breathing in the hodgepodge of fragrances, with an occasional waft of cedar reminiscence of old campfire days, is carried along in the breeze.
Here I sit, at my friend’s cottage in the Hampton’s enjoying a whole other phase of NYC living, with fresh air and sandy beaches, to exploring the specialty shops along Main Street, invitations to dances and cocktail parties on prior visits, and the delights from this beautiful yard surrounded by the gardens of flowers, trees, and statuary for Penelope and her pal, Moxie to run around in, having a ball. 
This visit, my escape from the bustle of the city, was for relaxation, enjoying the arts fair and farmer’s market in beautifully picturesque Sag Harbor, bbq dinner with friends, and exploring new nature adventures with Miss Penelope in tow, maybe even going to the Montauk Point Lighthouse before we go. The Hampton’s is filled with lavishly styled living, to where everything feels like a celebrity experience, where I feel privileged to be a part of, one I never dreamt of but a wonderful miracle, that has transpired before me. Pinch me, is this real? I do feel that the world has opened up right here, where I am in life, filled with such gratitude at this very moment- a delightful gift.
Love, hugs, and doggie kisses,
Jane and Penelope

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Sunday Evening Hello ~ 13

My Sunday Hello From NYC With A Love Letter to My Family and More

Hearts broken…

Right now in this moment a mixture of emotions is running through me and my family as we celebrate and yet grieve all at once, a remarkable woman, who has etched her soul upon our hearts deeply, as she lays her body to rest, knowing her spirit will live on in many ways, reverberating her beautiful love like a butterfly taking flight. She has planted seeds that have sprouted and will live on in each of us, in all we do but saying goodbye is hard. Moments, minutes, to months and beyond our goodbyes will linger until we meet again. So much love to you, Luella Vanosdell.

Goodbyes are tough, excruciatingly unbearable in which you could easily lie to yourself and say, “I’ll get through this, it’ll be alright, just you see, time will heal this pain.” But the pain you must feel, there is no escaping it. Many goodbyes have torn me up over the years. I never did NOT shed a tear as the last school bus pulled away, with the end of another school year fading in the distance. Running back into the classroom, slowly releasing, grappling at my chest as I tried to catch my breath, trying not to make a sound for what would come out would echo off the walls of the barren room is a shrill that would be worse than fingernails on the chalkboard. I loved my community of little learners with every ounce of energy that I could give, and they had given back tenfold in innumerable ways. Even the goodbyes of loved ones passing, of lovers parting, of furry friends laying limp in your arms, grief is so incomparable. Leaving Arizona was one of those goodbyes.

As each day came nearer and nearer to leaving, the looming goodbyes were painfully apparent. As each visit with my family was elapsing, I couldn't take my eyes off of them, even upon departure, having the knowiness that it will be some time before I may see them again. 
I remember vividly, backing out of the Arizona driveway, with my chest heaving in tears after saying goodbye to my daughter, Lindy. I felt as though I had swallowed my heart. I only drove a short distance until I stopped and put my head against my steering wheel, sobbing with a wail that echoed into the quietness of the car, with poor little Penelope pushing her nose up against my hand. I wanted to scream as I tightened my grip upon the steering wheel. I hated saying goodbye.

It was almost 30 years ago, when I backed out of a driveway, very similar in emotion as this, when I headed out West to Arizona from Chicago, alone for a teaching job taking with me then too, chunks of my heart, watching my mom and dad waving goodbye. I had a gift, a gift I have now too, and that is the gift of my families love with me, pushing me on, guiding me, empowering me to keep striving for what is calling inside of me to do. For they are a part of my creation, every joy, every earth shattering Freakazoid panic, to every enlightened discovery, is shared with them, for they are always by my side, invisibly but solidly anchored in my heart. Each step I take, they are with me; Drew, Lindy, Abe, and Mark.

Hearts filled with LOVE…

There are moments you wait for all of your life, desires, emotions, to live and experience love through. NYC has encased within it, many miracles, as I follow my own inner ramblings as the adventure keeps unfolding but you can’t do it alone. Sometimes I have lapsed, forgetting how much I want this change in my life, losing the courage, the strength, and wallowing in deep fear. I had a few who were a constant support, who in turn when I couldn't do it for myself, I did it for them, my family.

Knowing I had someone, that being Mark on the other end of the line, waiting to hear from me each night as I made my way to NYC, to sweet surrendering of unwavering faith from Abe as I laid upon the hotel bed literally not knowing what 1 + 1 was anymore, to Drew’s voice on the phone always excited to hear from me, and my Lin Lou, texting me and texting me, bleeding her emotions all over the phone, wrapping my soul in her love, knowing I was finding my way for all of them, as I was finding my way for me. Talk about a powerhouse of reciprocated love!

My family silently, has been my glue to where I can not see me without seeing them a part of me in all I do. I thank them in ways that only God can be the witness too. As much as I need to be here, as much as I need to breath, I need them as they need me…beautiful.

To this very day, Mark has been my best friend with hours and hours of phone conversations, Drew, Lindy, and Abe unbeknownst to them, my ocean of love that feeds me, seeds me, inspires me to keep discovering more of who I am, their mom, Jane. Even though we are apart in distance and in time, (yet love is timeless), our love is strong. Our worlds are simultaneously spinning. We do not know what each day will bring, or how each moment will transpire, or when we will see each other again, we know we matter, and we love, we are not separate.

A very special thank you to my sister, Leenie, who was the bookend (that very few people would want or were), the witness to the struggle, the racking your brain end, the unknown, the disappointment, the heartbreak, the uncertainty, with the devastation of one part of your life ending, her personal love and support were and still are a gift, a true gift of love.

Where has my life taken me up to this point with whom I’ve known and whom have known me? With one, a definite rip in the tapestry as time and space expands, yielding a loss, a grief, but a new found welcoming of gratitude for each thread still woven into my journey of life. Many others a new found closeness, as I awaken with each word I type here, bringing us together in moments of sharing oneself, discovering newness for life once again. I thank you all! Not only have you found me, I’ve found you! Valves that have been rusted, valves that were only seeping have now been blown open. Thank you all for what you share here on FB, your world, your thoughts, your love. You amaze me and bring touchstones to my heart.

I did not get here alone and my loved ones are with me, always with me as yours are with you.
Love, hugs, and doggy kisses,

Jane and Penelope

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Sunday Evening Hello ~12

My Sunday Hello from NYC,
Now that my landing gear is fully extended, use of Google Maps almost non existent, timing of subway departures in sync, a symphony of sirens, horns, and the steel hum from the underground tunnels along with the conglomeration of street performers a beautiful melody, views of the skyline still breathtaking, I am a little restless and struck with bouts of missing my family this week. Maybe it’s just a sampling of the winter blues coming to an end? Whereas, I have to say, it has been an interesting week here in NYC. With inklings of spring and then a blast of snow and back into inklings of spring. My height of joy this week came from celebratory news from a friend, long and overdue in our worldly timing of things, although well deserving, to the lows from a change in plans(long overdue as well), to a fun-filled weekend with an afternoon in meeting and hearing talented authors and artists present their new books at my favorite bookstore, Books of Wonder! 
When you feel like you’ve conquered Mt. Everest(being my move to NYC), you just want to sit at the top and enjoy it for awhile but No, not me! These breathers, the in-between times, are hard when you feel like you just made the first few laps around the race track and you are in the lead…you want to keep going, right? I guess I’m trying to be patient, because I can feel the creative energy pulsating, inner excitement rumbling in my tumblings, as I wait for more fun changes to come. It’s gradually starting. Today, I came across a couple of books to read for research so to say, for my own stories, mixed in with some of the picture books I was searching for at the library. Odd, yet I know differently. Odd things excite me and there are no accidents! Furthermore, I keep hearing my inner voice having conversations with me about my writing, thoughts about things to write, streaming in spurts like a pulsating water sprinkler. Usually when I’m NOT at home to write! It looks like my stories are going to be placed on the front burner again now that I am gliding into spring and feeling at home. Yeah!
A question asked a lot is about my job or what kind of work am I doing. I’m dying to tell a little here in a bit, however, I wanted to share one of my opportunities that got the ball rolling for New York, and it started with a call.
The call was like preparing for a final exam or better yet an entrance exam into the illustrious domain of children’s publishing (in which I created a fantasized world of working in), as I propped my laptop up upon several books, just the right height so that my aging lines on my face appeared diminished, turning on my Skype. I was so nervous preparing for the interview and had a hard time taming down my anxiety over the 24 hours prior to it, and especially that very same morning having to be at work at 6am, preparing for an ad set. I wore myself out. My computer screen lit up with an incoming call, as the president of the literary agency came into view. 
We chatted more in a conversational flow with moments of intellectual adherence to the purpose of the call, ending with an exchange of a definite interest in having me on board. I was given a few writing assignments over the next couple of days that ended with a hitch, an invitation…could I come in and meet with her in person? She needed someone to start right away and I was in Phoenix. I knew then that if what opportunities that I thought I really wanted was in NYC, then I needed to be in NYC. A week later, I voiced, “I’m going to New York.” And a little over two weeks after that, I was on my way.
An agonizing two months had gone by leading up to this Skype interview. I was grasping at straws, hoping to not pick the short one, while teetering between Phoenix, Boston, Chicago, and New York, prepared to go where the opportunity would take me. That would make sense, right? Offers started coming in from Boston working for Follet (an educational product company), no more than an entry level position, in their bookstores. I really desired to have a job offer, that would be my deciding factor on where I ended up. Nonetheless, just as I am writing to you, almost in a backwards story telling fashion, my life seems to go. No! Move first, Jane. Then secure a job is how I played this one out…IKES! Maybe I did originally pick the short straw!
The groove of the magnetic pull towards NYC, clicked into place shortly after that Skype call and had me linked in at the tail end with great centrifugal force, like in that crazy game, Crack the Whip. Little did I know what I was looking for and the direction I intended to go, that the centrifugal force would veer me off into something totally different.
Yes, I have a job, one that I would not consider earning money for. I only work four days out of the week, with three day weekends, and here in NYC you get paid every week. My weekly pay is enough to where I can nearly make my month’s rent by the end of the first week. Not too shabby, plus I get to visit bookstores, go shopping, read lots of picture books, attend events at the library, made an appearance on TV, create and paint artwork, make little fun snacks, do research and work on my writing, catch a few good shows, pet chickens, learn french, mingle with teachers and administrators, sing to my hearts content, get smothered in hugs, discover what makes children's hearts sing, plan and go on trips around the city including riding the Roosevelt Island Ariel Tram and play! This job feeds nicely into my career as a writer where I am filled to the brim with love and inspiration while being captivated inside a child’s world. Yes, many wonderful perks along with paid holidays, and a monthly metro card that keeps me hopping from place to place whenever I just want to pick up and go. I do love my job and it keeps me busy for now as I kick my own butt into gear with my writing.
As for Miss Penelope, she is probably tired of hibernating or calloused from laying around or delirious from bouts of cabin fever by now, barking at the bit to go on more adventures, anything except having me read stories to her. Reading, “The Biggest Kiss” to her had me in stitches! She knows the word kiss and just when she thought I was done bothering her, I would say kiss. She eventually bailed out on me and went under the bed. She thinks I’m nuts! 
We, meaning she and I, interviewed a dog walker yesterday, that came to meet Miss Peeps. It was a mutual attraction and possibly a good combination indeed why momma’s away, to keep her happily content and empty bladder free until I get home. We have this ritual of going to the local pet shop a block away every Friday, after I make it home. She nearly drags me for a whole two stores as she prances right on up and into the doorway. It’s a good thing she is on a leash or she may be sitting there a while before I can catch up to her! We mosey into the store, chatting away with our friend, and it’s not before too long, Miss Penelope has her bully stick picked out and away we go, with an extra in hand for the week. 
I will never forget the days when I first arrived here, staring out the windows into the city, stunned each time, realizing I’m in New York. Who would of thunk that my Goodyear, Arizona job would of led me to their largest store in the nation, three floors to boot with a walkie talkie in hand, falling in love with the people just as much as I am with the city. 
Big hugs and doggy “Kiss”es from,
Jane and Penelope

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Sunday Evening Hello ~11

My Sunday Hello from NYC...
While walking with Penelope awhile back, I looked down at her and instantly my thoughts took me back to a teeny little car with this brave lil pup by my side, driving across the country with only a direction in mind-New York City.
A shiver of guilt washed over me with a cringe of remorse for embarking on this journey with her in tow, one in which she had no say in. She has been my true companion and thank God for her, because she helped me stay brave. I didn’t just have me to look out for, I had her. 
Life before NYC left me with feelings of ambivalence towards life, towards love, to where it felt like I was all alone in my relationships and the disappointment with those whom were there, was palpable. I was eager and hungry for more after throwing all my ambition into projects that weren’t mine, ministering to a relationship with very little emotional reciprocation, no commitment to where one could relax into, and a house that was in no way going to give me what it was that I longed for. I had big plans, not ones that anyone near me could understand. Being a writer was one. Sending out my stories to literary agents for surely they would see the potential in them as I was beginning to believe I saw in me. Maybe I’d try one more agent? Never know they might be the one who would fall in love with my stories. I think I’ve exhausted the list of agents. Then it was a job of being someones personal assistant or executive assistant, which would pay me enough to where I could create a new life here in Phoenix, and get a smaller more affordable place. Those ideas always fell short and left me feeling alone. Could I teach again? Yes, those opportunities always came back around, ones that I would never grab a hold of. Not only was I on a sinking ship prior to unveiling these feelings of not wanting to be in Phoenix anymore but my own life jacket was slipping away. Reins would come around and when I was about to grab hold of one, it went pouf. The last straw was the day of my birthday, that came and went in a very loving fashion, but one where no song was sung, and one where you realized, the value you had placed on yourself in another, never transpired. That’s when I said to myself, “Why put what I have left to give here in Phoenix, when I can and would rather do it elsewhere?

In truth, being only true as one can be with what you are honest enough to yourself about, the admitting of all things having gone astray, was rather the catharsis to admitting to my own situation and definitely a step forward.

Those closest to me saw it, could sense my inner struggle of letting my soul guide me with my only silver linings being; at least I had a part-time job to go to, a great car to take me, I can always come back if it doesn’t work out, and knowing that I had to go. Even up to the night before I left Chicago, I booked a pet friendly hotel in NJ so that I would have a spot to go to when I got there. I didn't know the obstacles I would have to face on this journey, let alone the ones in trying to find a place to live that would allow dogs, and not knowing a single soul there.

Here's how what happened next played out in less than a week:
  • Late Thursday night, I arrived at the pet friendly hotel in Wayne New Jersey.
  • Friday morning, I drove to the local mall to park and ride to take the bus into Manhattan’s Port Authority Station, near Times Square after leaving Penelope, telling her I was going to find us a home.
  • I walked a few blocks to an appointment to look for a place to stay, a room to rent. My gut said, “Yuck” upon entering the building and talking to the lady at the desk. I sat down not far from there out in Times Square, crying, holding my head in my hands, not knowing what to do next. This is one of those times that I threw my hands up in the air and asked “Now what am I suppose to do?!!” Instead of searching for more similar places, I headed back to Penelope to re-group. Yes, I laid myself on the bed and boo hoo’d but I felt safe there.
  • Friday night thru Sunday evening, I searched frantically online for places to stay. In the meantime, I got our hotel half off thru Hotwire, found an awesome park dog park, as several synchronicities in what I desired, actually happened(which astounded me), fell into place. The signs and answers to “Now what am I suppose to do?”, started coming. By Sunday night, I had three appointments of places to look at on Monday.
  • Monday morning, I went back into Manhattan by bus. I hopped on a train for my first appointment. My gut said, “Yuck” before I even talked to the person, while standing outside the building. On the train ride to my second appointment, I received a text that I could come early to my last appointment, which was just a train stop away, so I skipped the one I was going to and Bingo! We connected and I knew before I even walked into the apartment that this was it. I had found Penelope and I a home.
  • Monday night back at the hotel, with two clicks on the internet, I found a great car storage place(a short car ride to the Bronx from my new apartment for 1/3 the price of most places, with 24 hour security, and the first month free!). I was on a roll. 
  • Tuesday morning we moved in. That afternoon I put the car in storage, and by Wednesday morning I was on the subway going to my first day of work.
I felt the universe open up that Sunday night. Ever since, it's been a steady flowing stream of synchronistic events and the beginning of pennies appearing almost everywhere I go. How did I know to tell my work before I left Phoenix, that I could start on Wednesday, Oct. 1 and actually have everything lined up to that very day?

NYC was more of a calling, a decision so strong that once I turned the knob to “on”, the feeling was in-escapable! I started to feel a sense of peace, a way to tend to my own garden. Everything happened pretty fast, once I spoke the words, “I’m going to NY”. 

I left with NO reservation, what must have felt like to others, as an unexplainable odyssey to come to NYC without a place to stay, without a job to cover ones own expenses, and not knowing a single soul. Having those odds, to finding a place to live in four days, New Yorkers say is nearly impossible, plus having a nice job now. Who would know that within two weeks of getting the idea for a new job search, that I would have a boss whose grandmother’s birthday is the exact same date and year as my mom’s, let alone an opportunity to go to France which is where I’ve always longed to go?

Looking back on how I got here and all that has transpired in the last few months in NYC, is priceless. I guess a sense of naivety and a deep faith in myself is what saw me through. The inertia of events once the decision was made was a strong force that pulled on me, guiding me all the way. The ease and flow with a feeling of “Home”, a feeling I wrote about, a feeling I’ve longed for, is within me now, here where I am in all I do. Life is moving swiftly and I don't worry about the future. It kind of is just showing up in front of me and I know that more fun changes are on the way. Sometimes I just stop and look around where ever I am at, as I take it all in with the wondering thought, “Is this where I belong?” It is my way of checking my barometer, my internal gauge.

Popping into my head often has been the scene from the TV show “Mary Tyler Moore Show” where she tosses her hat up into the air with such happiness and calamity ensues when her hat goes astray. I feel a freedom, a sincere knowing that this is home for me for now to write my beautiful books. What is to come, I don’t know. What inner drive pulled me here, I don’t know. I know that when I walk down Broadway off of the 66th street Crosstown bus, I feel it all. I feel the rhythm, the beauty, nothing feels foreign to me. It is all I want to experience and more. My wee little romantic head of mine LOVES having me here! 

My heart belongs in NYC.

Love, hugs, and doggy kisses,
Jane & Penelope

Monday, February 2, 2015

TV Alert

TV Alert
I guess you can say that your odds of being on TV are a lot more likely if you live in New York City. Well, there is a good chance that you could catch a glimpse of me this Sunday, on the CBS News “Sunday Morning” with Charles Osgood, the segment on “One Hundred Books Famous in Children’s Literature”, at the Grolier Club here in New York City.
This exhibition was nearing its last week and there was no way I was going to miss out on getting a peek at some of the most beloved children’s books printed in the last 400 years. I just so happened to pick the same day that CBS News was going to be filming. 
The gallery room was rather quaint, but elegant with 100 children’s books, including original historic artifacts enclosed behind wall mounted glass cases. I was in pure delight, ooing and aahing as I admired some of the most widely known, children’s literary creations that have shined and will shine for generations to come, as the film crew entered the room. I hesitated for a moment, but I didn’t want to miss what I have come there to see; Peter Rabbit, Winnie-The-Pooh, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Where the Wild Things Are, Grimms' Fairy Tales, Charlottes Web, The Cat in the Hat, and Harry Potter to name a few. My heaven, being amongst great literary works and many in their original form. Here was another one of my NYC moments where you could of pinched me, for I was overcome with a few tears of joy, amazed at where I landed, looking upon a true classic, my favorite, “Peter Rabbit”. 
They did manage to capture me towards the end of their filming, as I was reading to a child from one of the books that they had in the middle of the room, available for children to look at. If you see me, than I guess I have beaten the odds. I had no idea that something I wanted to experience so bad would lead to me possibly being on TV. Gosh, I was just worried about whether I should take the bus or maybe the train today to get there. I'm one lucky girl either way.

Sometimes When I Write

Sometimes When I Write

Sometime when I write, I write with you in mind,
thinking of you throughout the whole piece.

Sometimes when I write, I write for me, 
to see what it is I’m feeling as the words come one-by-one.

Sometimes when I write, I write for one, 
and only one, the imaginative one who lives inside of me.

Sometimes when I write, I write for whom I’ve yet to know, 
and whom I've yet to meet. 

But sometimes when I write, I write for her, and mostly for her, 

and the words I write are, I love you.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Sunday Evening Hello ~10

January 19, 2015

Hello from NYC,
I’ve officially made it here in NYC! I will be starting a new job this week, getting a New York drivers license, and ordering some bank checks with my NYC address. My mind and body have yet to catch up to the good news. It is a whole new space for me to be in after two long and brutal years. So Whew!!! Many obstacles have been overcome, much suffering has been endured, and much has been given up to get to this point in my life where my personal calling is falling into place. A pure miracle!
What a journey! Many days have been a fight, a battle so to say, just to keep going.There have been repeated moments where I just wanted to crawl under my covers and hide from the fear after falling seven times and afraid to get up the eighth time. But I do and did from remembering and realizing all the obstacles I have overcome already, along with the miracles that have transpired. I gradually wipe my tears as I begin to open my eyes one at a time, taking a peek out from the covers at the beauty of my surroundings, constantly filling me with gratitude and all that has brought me to this place in time. 
I just got off the phone with my mom, sitting on my bed feeling kind of “wow”, some may not understand why I’m here, let alone in the biggest city of all NYC. To many, it would be the most unlikeliest of places for anyone to go to, and at my age. Those I have met here in the city and have gotten to know me, are rather floored at my bravery, calling me courageous! They look and me with envy, loaded with curiosity as to why I did it. Like maybe there is a secret I have, to a deep longing they too feel inside, but don’t know quite how to reach it themselves. Even acquaintances I meet while walking Penelope or conversing with them while I work are so intrigued, as if it is unheard of or maybe better yet, insane. There is no secret. Insanity? Maybe. This drive for more has always been a part of me since I was little. It is my personal calling, part of my path, my dream, that I just have the courage to confront. 
What is that calling, that path? This is something that you stake everything you have on, put your whole heart into, and yes be willing to make messy mistakes. Put on them "Big Girl" panties and have the courage to keep getting back up. When you follow your dream, the universe will conspire in your favor, this I know, for I have had many miraculous moments that have brought me to tears of “joy” like none I have ever known. Each time I get back up, throw my hands up in the air and ask “Now what am I suppose to do?” The answer comes. The euphoria and confidence within me are magnified a thousand fold from overcoming the defeats. As my dad would say, “It’ll put hair on your chest!” Well my chest is a complete fuzz ball by now except for the two droopy things that just lay dangling! 
I kept telling myself that it is OK to not know all the details of my dream. I just know and recognize there is a longing, bigger than I have known, with courage I didn't know was in me, to disinter the dream by taking tiny, little, leaps, skips, steps towards everything that excites me and NYC was it, calling me. Life does fall short at times. I have fallen short. Many of my steps have scared the bejesus out of me but at the same time excited me like a little kid. The next time I write, I’ll share some of the scary parts of my adventure that Miss Penelope has been a part of too. 
I have a dream that one day, I will contribute to the hearts of many, to teach about love from a grandeur perspective, and unleash the definition of love. 
I have begun the journey of writing and embracing the nature of the energy, the purity, the life force that a child still has, through my stories, where I have an extremely diverse set of characters that are here to teach and hold the vision for a beautiful world where everyone takes care of each other, where there is more than enough resources for everyone.
What is your dream?
Until next time, with great big hugs and love,
Jane and Penelope
Thank you, MLK!