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Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Sunday Evening Hello ~ 15

A quick Sunday Evening Hello from New York City...It's been 1 YEAR!!!

Went out and about today doing what I love to do here in New York, being amongst children’s books and those who love them too! When I read, “Little Elliot, Big City”, where the big city holds many new and challenging experiences, I felt so connected to this story and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet Mike Curato, the author at his new book launch, “Little Elliot's, Big Family”. Rays of sunshine pours out of me each and every time I step into this realm, the writing world and that of children's books, that I can barely feel my feet moving on the ground.

It has been one whole year, YAY!!!, since I’ve moved here to Manhattan, being free to follow my inner longing, which is something I am doing just for me, a HUGE shift from where I used to be. Wow!! What a ride and some of the best moments ever…getting clarity about my career, building my new life, having fun getting to know different people, and mostly…building a community of friends. There is still so much change going on in my career and it sure does help to have some emotional support on FaceBook with all of you, and from my new friends here in the city.

Looking back on the year in amazement, and how all the turn of events keeps pushing me onward, is simply beautiful. From a day at Random House, Scholastic event, the Hamptons, Lindy's NYC Visit, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Meeting many children's authors, books festivals, film screenings, bee festivals, EB White Celebration, the "King and I", subways, buses, and taxi's, being on CBS Sunday Morning News at the Grolier Club, the fireworks, all of Penelope's adventures, Philharmonic in Central Park, summer movies on the pier, museums upon museums, Grand Central Station during the holidays, the Grand New York City Library, lake house in CT, and a new community of friends...BOY OH BOY!!!

I could never have dreamt this journey as well as it is going. Being in the city feels so natural, so easy, as if something bigger and grandeur is in play then just lil ‘ol me. I love it!

"What’s better than a cupcake? A friend to share it with! " ~MC
Thank you all!

Love, hugs and doggie kisses,
Jane and Penelope