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Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Sunday Evening Hello ~ 16

My Sunday Hello from NYC,

So magical, dazzling, instantaneous delightful my adventures have been, especially Christmas Time in New York City!

From my very first exciting moment seeing the yellow Macy's star balloons coming towards me in the Thanksgiving Day Parade a year ago, to this very moment, laying on my bed listening to Christmas Carols with good 'ol Penelope snuggled up against me, I have been in love with this city.

As a parent with my own children, I would observe this exciting time of year in the technicolor screen from my home in Arizona.

Back then, on Thanksgiving morning, I watched the parade eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to make his appearance, shouting across the house to the kids, "Hurry Santa is coming!" knowing that the holidays have officially began. A few days later, watching New York's most famous tree come aglow at Rockefeller Center while enjoying the wonderment of sparkles on our own tree. Oh, and many New Years' Eve's ushering in the New Year by counting down to "One!" as the colorful crystal ball dropped in Times Square. What a spectacle! Never did I imagine that one day I might be living in New York City and experience all this enchantment firsthand.
Here is a photo of me today, on my last stop before heading home to Miss Penelope, glancing out the windows 20 flights up, in an exquisite apartment amidst a lovely group of people, smiling, laughing, and celebrating the season. Touched. Touched by my life.

On my bedroom floor, I see out of the corner of my eye, a suitcase propped open awaiting to be packed for my Christmas trip home to Arizona to see my kids, loved ones, and friends. I wonder what it will feel like to be back? I keep telling Penelope that we have a big trip coming up, barely able to contain my excitement, as her ears perk up each and every time, which is probably 1/2 dozen times a day lately! I had a slight dose of what it might feel like when I faced time with my Chicago family,(Karen Saalman Barnett, Susan Allgood, Pat Saalman Schultz, Laura Saalman, Debra Saalman Belcher, Leenie Saalman Keyes, and Scott Saalman, my brother and sisters!) during their yearly Christmas Party yesterday. Tears rolled down my face, not able to contain the love I felt upon seeing all their faces, as I walked around, showing them my apartment, and Miss Penelope, yep, in her spot on my bed. Pure bliss! I imagine, I will be a blubbering fool, with pools and pools of tears from the joy upon seeing, touching, smelling, and loving on my kids in 4 days!

So Magical, dazzling….is life along with the joy and peace of the season here in the Big Apple.

Love, hugs, and doggie kisses,
Jane and Penelope