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Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Sunday Hello From NYC ~ 14

My Sunday Hello From NYC,
“Please help me find my way, where my dreams come true in ways that are unfathomable to imagine”, was my daily mantra from not so long ago, crosses my mind. There are dreams you have, wishes you would love to have fulfilled, and miracles that bring inspiration, joy and delight in life, which keep pushing you onward, time and time again. I never imagined, sitting here in this moment, that my life would be filled with dreams, wishes, and miracles that continually flow and transpire right before me since moving to NYC.
Traveling about the city, whether I’m working or on one of my fantasized excursions I’ve dreamt of, brings the world right at my feet, literally. Everything imaginable and then some exudes from the pulse of life all around NYC…infamous horse carriage rides in Central Park, strolling along 5th Avenue high-end living, sights of the iconic Empire State Building, the expansive art exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum, the lit-up marquee’s on Broadway leering to the seekers of musical entertainment, taxi’s upon taxi’s in a blur of yellow zipping along the streets, historic brownstones quaintly decorated with flowering boxes of colors along the stoops, the artistic flavor of Greenwich Village, to the electronic buzz of Time Square where millions of people flock each year, with so many tasty delights to choose from including the multitude of street vendors, but after settling in and learning my way around, I found life here is really a gift, including my visits to the Hampton’s, a nice escape from the city.
Here I sit in a rocking chair on the deck, far away from the cacophony of the city, surrounded by carefully landscaped greenery, with gardens in full bloom, a buzz of pure loveliness that beholds my eyes, always amazed in the grandiose style that life has become for me, since moving to NYC. 
Here I sit gazing at the pool, reflective of sparkles on the crystalline surface, beckoning a plunge in my naked glory, with an assortment of trees; the big oaks, Cryptomeria, blue spruce, and white pines towering in a majestic line, on the outskirts of the surrounding gardens.
Here I sit, as a sweet melodic serenade of wild life floats through the air, while minuscules of insects make their way in and around the array of perennials, while breathing in the hodgepodge of fragrances, with an occasional waft of cedar reminiscence of old campfire days, is carried along in the breeze.
Here I sit, at my friend’s cottage in the Hampton’s enjoying a whole other phase of NYC living, with fresh air and sandy beaches, to exploring the specialty shops along Main Street, invitations to dances and cocktail parties on prior visits, and the delights from this beautiful yard surrounded by the gardens of flowers, trees, and statuary for Penelope and her pal, Moxie to run around in, having a ball. 
This visit, my escape from the bustle of the city, was for relaxation, enjoying the arts fair and farmer’s market in beautifully picturesque Sag Harbor, bbq dinner with friends, and exploring new nature adventures with Miss Penelope in tow, maybe even going to the Montauk Point Lighthouse before we go. The Hampton’s is filled with lavishly styled living, to where everything feels like a celebrity experience, where I feel privileged to be a part of, one I never dreamt of but a wonderful miracle, that has transpired before me. Pinch me, is this real? I do feel that the world has opened up right here, where I am in life, filled with such gratitude at this very moment- a delightful gift.
Love, hugs, and doggie kisses,
Jane and Penelope