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Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Sunday Evening Hello ~ 18

My Sunday Hello From NYC, 

Life has been moving right along here in New York City, sometimes at breakneck speed other times, the speed of a turtle BUT never at a standstill. I have been bus hopping, subway stopping, taxi hailing, to being chauffeured door to door this past week. Crazy beautiful, even glamorous is the best way to describe my life here. I am constantly in awe of my surroundings, peering at the reflection on the marbled walls, yes, that’s me, experiencing the grandeur of the city, stunned at how different life has become for me. From sitting at a teacher’s desk lesson planning to drinking in the stunning views from one of the finest entertainment venues in all of New York, Jazz at Lincoln Center-The Appel Room. Tucked into my seat at this venue, I had one of my New York moments. Sitting there, I was amazed by the dramatic 50’ft glass wall behind the stage. Through the glass view, was New York City’s greatest backdrop-Central Park and the Manhattan skyline, overlooking Columbus Circle and the traffic below. Undeniably alive, pulsating heart racing, symphonically in-tuned with the traffic below, tears stained cheeks of joy from these dream like moments, find me continually in a state of awe-my life here in New York City.

A heaviness fell on my heart this week amongst the hustle and bustle of the city, as I try to stay connected to all I know; reading FB posts hearing about the loss of loved ones, seeing pictures and feeling the physical distance from those I love, and not having the words to console, not even myself; viscerally realizing how important life is and how fragile it is all at once. I find myself reading the stories, some very personal, some humorous, glancing at the sayings that inspire others, pausing at the photos, and mostly loving the comfort this social network has given, through the changes, the sorrows, and the celebrations of life.

New York Fashion week has arrived in the city, where the style and spirits of the crowds gather around the runways abound, as the temperatures plunge. My style to say the least is devastatingly, time-staking painful to watch and to do. Layers upon layers before I finally sinch up the three little buttons on my coat, as I head out the door emerging into the coldest weather yet, that I have experienced since I have moved here. Uber, subway, taxi, walk…the choice to make, is the quickest way out of the cold, that’s for sure.

As I write, snuggled under down filled blankets, warm from the bitter arctic chill outdoors, exhaustion is setting in. With my hair astray, jammies on, eyelids drooping—Penelope and Moxie require my attention, nudging closer and closer, waiting for their chance for a treat and a potty break one last time before the lights go out. It has been a fun-filled day trying on clothes from a NYC designer at Madewell, walking into a fairy tale of couture gowns by Jacqueline de Ribes exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the pallet pleasing delights from the boulangerie, Le Pain Quotidien for lunch. Today's fun, this Valentine’s Day, has been a welcomed joy, even from the bitter cold.
At the museum exhibit today, a quote from Jacqueline de Ribes, inspired me;
“Glamorous people bring something to others. They are seductive, attractive—and it has nothing to do with frivolity. Glamour sticks to people. An object is not glamorous, but places where people go are glamorous. That's why New York is the glamour capital of the world.”

My life is rather glamorous at times, mainly due to living in the metropolis we call, New York City. Glamour can exude from anywhere, from anyone at any time, I believe when you follow your heart. Within the playful innovation and unbounded freedom of following your heart in life and work, like Jacqueline, there is a celebration of all who embrace their individuality and follow their creative vision, wherever it may lead, even if it takes you to New York City!

Love, hugs and doggie kisses,

Jane and Penelope