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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Sunday Evening Hello ~1

October 5, 2014
Having my first weekend here off was so needed for a recharging even though I can’t say I took advantage of that. Saturday’s must was a visit to the Farmer’s Market in the pouring rain giving my (EB)rain trench an initiation with the New York weather. It worked famously with only my calves down a wee bit drenched. The bell peppers had an aroma like none you have ever smelled. Carrying off with my treasures after saying ado to some wonderful friendly vendors, I set foot for my first grocery shopping experience, a new library card, and some red rubber dog boots at a local Furry Friends store knowing I had a bladder filled dog at home waiting for her morning walk. 
Upon arriving at home to the chipper bark on the other side of the door, I couldn’t wait to show Penelope her new boots. She took to the boots with NO care in the world! I was shocked how easy it was as we squished squeaked our way to the elevators. Now it took her a few days, with me having to drag her, with all four paws not budging, into the elevator. So these boots where a piece of cake. Penelope is such a sport adjusting to her city life. Thank goodness it was only lightly raining as we headed out for a spot for her to pee.
Can you picture me pulling a mini shopping cart(like luggage on two wheels) down the city streets, up and down stairways, through the security gates at the subway? Well, I’ve acquired one. Becoming a New Yorker slowly but surely. After looking at my loot at the check out later that day, all the way in East Harlem at the Target store, I knew I needed one to help me get back home. I enjoyed this venture even though I was a bit tuckered from my morning, at least it wasn’t raining any more. Had a nice tour on the bus of Harlem, past the Apollo theatre, cross town to the only Target in Manhattan, and yes, two trains later, all for a laundry basket and a few essentials. Then to do it all in reverse.
I’ve meet so many interesting and really helpful people…from a nice man, while waiting for a bus back, after putting my car in storage the day I moved in, gave me the run down on the Metro cards. A dog walker introducing me to the rubber boots for Penelope, on a drizzling day at the park, of where to purchase them. An owner of Pizza Hero’s who giggled at me when I wanted to pay with a debit card and they only took cash. He knew I was new to the hood and began to tell me all about it while sharing pictures with such joy, over the house he is building back at home in Greece. To a train rider who showed me how to use the security gates from that grocery cart experience. Many others, even a woman on the elevator, who is a dog walker that lives on the third floor, volunteering to walk Penelope any time. 
As for today, my intention was to finishing unpacking and get more organized but I was distracted with an urge to do more exploring. We took a long stroll with Penelope at Inwood Hill Park, stopped for hot tea (Many of the stores here are so pet friendly!), another pet store visit to learn about the Halloween dog parade the neighborhood has, talking to my bff on the phone, to writing to all of you while listening to my new Barbra CD. I hope this eases your minds for some of you in your thoughts about how I am doing, adjusting, and getting along. Now that my feet are wet “so to say” at work, this coming week will be busier. I will post pictures when I can.
Love to you ALL! Miss you.
Big hugs and doggy kisses,
Jane & Penelope