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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Sunday Evening Hello ~5

November 2, 2014

Hello...from NYC,
Are dogs allowed in your store?…Yes!
Feeling like a kid with saggy crotch fleece lined tights, adrenaline rushing through my veins, I rushed down two flights of subway stairs, through the turnstile with an 18 pound carrier in tow, out onto the platform. Grinning like a Cheshire cat in my own marathon race today, we were off to the ultimate playground for book lovers, the “Strand” bookstore. Penelope’s early afternoon potty break went from a quick sidewalk pee to an adventure. Two trains later, we were in the East village, not too far from Union Square, soon after I heard the voice on the other end of the phone say, “Yes.” 
The Strand is Larger than life! It has three floors, jammed with rows of towering shelves piled high with books(and crowds of people), a fairyland… enrapturing one in an imaginational wonderland where time disappears! That’s if you are a book lover like me. Penelope just pranced about, tightly tucked by my side, with a few stolen moments of slumber as I sat parked on a bench buried in my own little pile of treasures. There are some places you walk into and it just swallows you whole, saggy crotched tights, furry friend sporting her new red winter coat, and all! 
Today was the running of the New York City Marathon(worlds largest), which means lots of detours with road closures as nearly 50,000 runners in a 26.2 mile race, run throughout all the five boroughs, across five city bridges before ending amid cheering crowds in Central Park. Yesterday, after waking to the familiar pitter pattering on the little white box sticking out from my window, making it a soggy day, an indoor kind of day, a day for Hulu, Netflix, jammies, and hot tea day, left me dying to get out today. With the marathon making it quite a bit of a challenge to do much, the “Strand” seemed like the perfect getaway place.
Earlier in the week, I enjoyed having dinner at a French Bistro called, Cafe Loup in the old West Village. It was softly lit, creating a warm ambiance, with a witty, eccentric waiter, named Phillip, and a bar that is flat-out-beautiful, kind of place. Then sharing a subway ride with a friend for part of the way home, on the infamous EXPRESS train, that I covet as they go by every morning on my commute, made it a nice evening. Although I have to say, nothing is better than standing on the platform with four track in front of you, wearing a skirt, as the trains on the middle tracks(EXPRESS trains) zoom by. Their steel roaring thunderous hum rattling by, as the ground shakes, with a huge swoosh of air blowing up and around you, like the winds along Lake Shore Drive, in a picturesque moment…you feel like Marilyn Monroe, barely able to hold your skirt down! Yes, a giggle moment that I love!
And Oh, I can’t forget to mention Halloween! I saw dogs in costumes, people on train with blood dripping down onto their skin to little ones on their way to school with patches of fun sticking out thru their coats, and the staff at The Food Emporium poking fun at one another’s costumes while arranging the cupcakes loaded with spooky decor in the display case. The most bizarre feeling happened after I got off the train on my way home. I turned the corner and it hit me like a scene from the movie, Back to the Future. The streets were lined on both sides for several blocks with nothing but hoards of kids all in costumes, trick or treating in and out of all the stores. Gremlins, ghouls, witches, princesses, you name it, as I tried to weave my way home. It freaked me out in a cool kind of way. I never knew we had so many kids in the neighborhood! The day was so much livelier with laughter more prevalent all around. I definitely enjoyed the hums and sounds, larger and livelier orchestra of life. Thank you Halloween. 
Nowhere else in the world can you simultaneously feel the exhilarating pulse of a vibrant city on one block, to feeling like you’ve opened up a stage door and walked into a completely different movie set on the next block, then being in New York City. With each new venture out, the city presents me with different things that perpetually make me a helpless admirer. It is like falling in love and getting lost in the heart pounding rush of excitement. “Joie de vivre.”
I'm in love with NYC
I love my place
I love the way I’m feeling
I love the scattering of squirrels rustling about on the trails
The color of red bleeding through the crisp fallen leaves
The photos and words that capture all these feelings
cherishing the memories they are creating.
I’m in love with NYC
I love the Pennies that appear unexpectedly
I love Penelope having these experiences with me
I love the berries that cling to trees branches
The uncanny gorgeous fall sweater wearing weather
The abundance of possibilities for me here
opening further the wonder in my heart.
I’m in love with NYC
I love the sound of steel from trains braking
I love Penelope’s bark of hello on the other side of the door
I love the familiar smell of my plug ins
The feeling of falling in love again with life
The “Joie de vivre” that erupts into all my thoughts
creating stories for me to write.
I’m in love with NYC
I love the smiles from strangers passing by
I love the laughter of the ticket booth lady as I forget to swipe my card
I love the feeling of sophistication that arises in me
The diversity of interesting people I've conversed with
The languages and accents spoken
mixing into an explosion of cultures from place to place.
I’m in love with NYC
I love the historic brownstones along the quiet streets
I love the sharing of a train ride with a new friend
I love the theaters, Juilliard's School, music in subways, artistry of food vendors, and all the museums
The little neighborhood groceries and deli’s on every block
The casualness of furry companions walking about with their shoppers
to a feeling of importance that emanates from places, people, cars, taxis that I pass by.
I love knowing that tomorrow's will have more “I loves” just waiting for me to experience them as I discover the mystery of why I am here.
Until next time, 
Jane and Penelope