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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Sunday Evening Hello ~9

December 21, 2014

Christmas Time in New York

Life over the last two months had been a whirlwind leading up to Lindy’s visit, like being inside a snow globe with little respite between giddy shakes of joy, repeatedly, giddy shakes of joy, in the adventures and overabundance of emotional uplifting this city has brought me.

There is something undeniably magical that occurs as the snow falls here in New York City, especially in the mist of snow flurries while standing on the stoop of a church, eagerly awaiting the start of a parade with childlike wonderment. No longer was it a flip of a switch on the TV, but really right before my own eyes and thousands of others who lined the sidewalks, shivering from the briskness of the cold air, stood there waiting too. Having to blink my eyes several times to clear away the tears of joy, the rows of motorcycles police began to move, sirens whirling and blaring by as the first sites of the famous yellow starred balloons came into view signaling the beginning of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade here along Central Park West. It was a dazzling parade as the magnificent balloons came into view one by one. Nodding and waving to the crowds below, they sailed past, high above the crowd, but yet so close that I could feel their enormity, as they flounced in the wind. The whole time, my mind kept saying, “I can’t believe I’m really here!” A dream came true that day for me as thoughts of wanting to be a balloon handler the next time could not be hushed.

At Christmas time, the entire city seems to dress up in variations of glittering lights, bringing a magical luster to many of the beloved landmarks from a tiny tree in the middle of the pond in Central Park to a gargantuan tree at Rockefeller Center. Each day as I traveled to and from work, I could see the production for the upcoming holiday come to life. It wasn’t until Lindy and I etched our way down Fifth Avenue towards Rockefeller Plaza did the glow of the evening, take your breath away. Oh so beautiful! The Herald angels brightened the plaza and ice-skaters twirled and spilled on the ice as a man got down on his knee, the crowd silenced, witnessing a proposal, then a loud cheer erupted with the kiss. How romantic…Lindy and I both wistfully feeling envious of that exchange of love. While across Sixth Avenue, visitors flocked to Radio City Music Hall to see the Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes, our soon to be destination of one of New York’s Christmas time traditions.

During Lindy’s stay here, the splendor of the festivity of holiday flare was all abound. The Empire State building with it’s dazzling display of Christmas colors. Grand Central Terminal hosting a sensational laser light show that’s repeated throughout the day in it’s main concourse, and bustles with a colorful Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall. Uptown has the Plaza Hotel with a beautiful Christmas tree in its entrance hall, the cities glorious holiday window displays from all the big department stores, to the twinkling star that dangles above Fifth Avenue by Tiffany’s, ahh, yes, Macy’s Santa… making it a very magical time to be in New York.

As for Penelope, she took to her first snow here very delicately, lingering ever so long before she would pee, always needing to shake off the snowflakes every couple of minutes. With her only outing when Lindy was here, I believe she enjoyed her walk to the ferry, zig zagging around the city streets. Being the mommy that I am, she stayed safely snuggled up in her carrier around Times Square, and was lulled to sleep from the rocking of the train, on our ride home. Very special memories of our first Christmas time in New York were created with Lindy’s visit. I(we)miss her fiercely. All in all we have a nice little routine, but we will surely miss our Christmas tree guys on the corner with their friendly, “hello’s” and snippets of Douglas fur branches to take home, when the season comes to a close too.

Love and doggy kisses,

Jane and Penelope