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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Sunday Evening Hello ~2

October 12, 2014

Hi Family & Friends,
I feel like I am slowly gathering twigs and such, building my own little nest (niche) here, week two, in New York City. I’m often sometimes startled by my surprise reaction when I catch myself taking a look out the window…it’s like stepping into a scene in a movie, only it’s your movie and realizing where you are, that you are really here. It is so surreal at times, magical even, like waking up from a long dream and being where you belong all along. Reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, looking for home, clicking her heals, and awaking to the home that was inside her all along.
New York inspires me to write with streams of thoughts flowing through my mind all the time. I wish I had a plug into them, for a download, that would quickly dictate it all out onto a page, flowing seamlessly into a beautiful story. My first week here, the subway would be gently rocking me back and forth with my eyelids becoming very heavy, finding it hard to stay awake for the trip ride home. This week, is all I do is have amazing conversations in my head that I wish I could capture and read over later. 
The subways can get pretty crammed full at times and I don’t know if its better to be sitting down or the one standing up. Front view or butt view, right there at your eye level. Oi, something I just need to get used to. I try not to let pervy thoughts creep up into my mind but they always do. I often wish that I was on the express train running on the track in the middle. It never fails to out race the train I’m on every time. Weirdest thing watching through the window at the other people right along side you all of a sudden become one big blur when your train slows down for the next station. 
My travels this week from work have brought me back into a complete circle with places I’ve been longing for and haven’t thought about until I’ve arrived there. I’ve had some moments of sentimentality getting onto the platform at 86th street where I used to ride the subway everyday the last time I was in NY. I remember it like it was just the other day with the blue barriers, three turnstiles, and the bench to the right where I would often sit as I waited for the train. A very nice feeling, joyful in a sense, knowing though that, that girl then, had NO idea she would be back but on the other side of the tracks(so to speak), not for a visit but to stay, amazes me. Walking down 18th street on my way to my most FAVORITE bookstore in the whole wide world, made my eyes fill with tears that I didn’t want anyone to see. I wanted to absorb them before I stepped foot inside. I had a Cinderella moment, the first time I was in this bookstore a couple of years ago, like stepping into the ball, where everything I’ve dreamt of, all came together at once. Here I was again, feeling my heart skipping in joy knowing that I am back and can come back as often as I like. I LOVE, Books of Wonder! It reminds you of A Shop Around the Corner, from the movie, “You’ve Got Mail”. It is completely a bookshop all for kids. Old and new books line the shelves, signed by the actual authors themselves. This is a place where I can completely express myself and all that I love in one, Books and Kids! 
Oh my God! The cutest little tyke was waiting at the Lincoln Center bus stop along side me, singing The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round, circling his arms all in motion with his song. I could of just grabbed him and lifted him up into the air with a great big hug! Little blue jeans with pockets as big as he was, so darn cute! We rode all across Central Park, past the Central Park Zoo, up to Madison Avenue together. Priceless! I do say the kids in Midtown New York are all priceless! They are so chipper, well mannered, bright little stars that brighten my day, always. Such a different culture here and it changes dramatically from each neighborhood to the next. One thing for sure is that the people here, their faces light up with the slightest “Hello” and they ALWAYS greet you back. 
Penelope is still enjoying her walks, and yes, she has had to wear her little red rubber boots, just yesterday, for her morning pee. She’s a champ and I am enjoying having her here with me very much. She’s a perfect city dog not only for her size but she’s quiet, eager to say “Hi” to all the dogs along the way, rarely lifts her head from the inundation of good smells, and has learned to ignore people in general(people here like their space from dogs), and has learned the dog courting dance with other dogs. The dance goes…I see you, I am going to head right over to you, here I come, pulling hard, but wait, pause, head down, noses sniff, then the twirl begins as each take a quick sniff of the others behind, then separate and off to other smells nearby, totally disinterested as the dog walk continues. We’ve been serenaded at the park from Tucker’s dad, who was in the Phantom of the Opera, and didn’t hesitate to give me his whole resume, without missing a beat, to another man who was in Guys and Dolls, which played in Phoenix. We’ve meet so many people, mainly dog walkers, like me, chatting away as our dogs quickly become disinterested and have ended their dance, eager to continue exploring on. I’ve been invited to join while out on our morning stroll today, from a very nice woman, with her dog, Toby. She said they often get together with their dogs for events and just to meet up. I do have to say, that New York is a very dog friendly city. People are either walking in a hurry, pushing baby carriages or strollers(many are nanny’s), or walking their dogs. The Upper East Side and Midtown are the places to live if you have a dog, I believe. Dogs there are welcomed in most stores. I haven’t been in a store where a dog hasn't been.
Enjoy the pictures from this weeks outings. So many changes coming up and I may even have my very first visitor! Yeah!!! Just in time for the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade! I always said I was going to that some day! Well….
Love and Miss you all!
Jane & Penelope