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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Sunday Evening Hello ~3

October 19, 2014

Hello from New York,
Today is the first day where the feeling of winter crept into my mind. A day where you follow the sun on whatever side of the street it is, for in the shade, it is burrrrrrr!! I sure hope that my body has been baked from all those years in the Arizona sun so that when winter hits, steam will rise! 
We have a doorman, well unofficially we do. He usually skirts around us when we are going through the door as he holds it open, but yesterday Penelope decided to surprise him. As we passed by, she jumped up on him from behind to say her “Hello” and he jumped, only the other way. I think she made a friend. For the first time ever, he took us up in the elevator. I had to chuckle when Penelope started to lick the back of our doorman's leg all the way up to the 5th floor!
Just earlier in the week, on one of those mornings where Penelope was in need of her red rubber boots from an earlier rain shower, summer came once again with the remembrance and feel of Arizona. Clear skies, warm soft breeze, no need for a sweater weather, just a perfect day for a morning dog walk. Watching the leaves, like twirling stars, showering down from above, falling right in front of us…magical. With each gentle breeze, glittering in the sunlit rays, dew drops perfectly round, streaming down in strings of translucent drops breaking open upon the ground from the trees…magical. 
An early evening venture out walking, found us in an entrapment of two skunks! Tottering about, doing it’s nightly scavenging, Penelope took notice and lunged forward with eager excitement to do her little dance, only to find mom, holding her back, as the bushy tail of one stood straight up. We tried to take a little detour around, only to find another! No, no sprays, at least this time. I do think they are quite acclimated to people at the park, which they call home in this GREAT big city. We stood still as they gradually wandered off. Yes, I giggled, then too. It was only the evening before when Penelope lunged forward wanting to do her greeting dance, I’m sure, but this time it was for a rat, scurrying across the sidewalk, out from the drainage of the gutter. Welcome to city life!
It amazes me how I can walk around NYC and manage to not get hit by a car, run into someone, or trip and fall. I love looking around taking it all in. There is so much to notice, like pennies! I do not know how it happens for out of the blue, my eye catches a penny, right down below in front of me. It never fails and always happens most unexpectedly when my head is far off somewhere thinking, gazing about and sure enough a penny shows up. I find myself giggling about that too. I’ve gathered a pocketful since I’ve arrived. 
I was walking up 61st street on my way home, admiring the beautiful brownstones, when I found one of those pennies. A door to a brownstone, opened up for a delivery as I passed by and what I saw inside took my breath away! The most phenomenal home from my glance, so rich and picturesque. This little spot in all of NYC was worth easily, millions of $. Knowing that there are a lot more spots like those filled with millions of $, amazed me thinking about those places were all here in one city. Just like the thought I have of all these little boxes, stacked on top of one another, with people living in them. Yes, I'm in one of those boxes for now. 
Can I tell you that I love the sound of the subway trains! I love the rush of the express trains going by on the middle tracks, as I wait on the platform for the 1 train, pookie 1 train. Makes your heart speed up! Not as bad as the sound of nails scrapping on a chalkboard but a pretty awesome roar of steel! I saw a great act of kindness as I was leaving the subway on my way to catch the bus, when a man helped a lady who's bag got caught in the sliding doors, push it through. Those doors have the claws of a death grip!
I still enjoy being serenaded by Barbra, needing to join in occasionally, as I dance about in my own artistry preparing myself for work. Thoughts of what to wear, bio to write for a job, finishing touches to add as my room which is slowly evolving to express the sanctuary of me, all floating in and out in between the lyrics. The lyrics still linger with me even as I write on the subway, using my Notepad App on my phone. Thoughts… transposing, emptying, expressing the inner workings of my mind, demanding to be purged out into words, in accompaniment with the Jane, that oversees the details of my life. Sometimes I am astounded by the passing of time, with wonderment, when the words cease. “Where am I?” Only to find the scenery has changed, as I reconnect to my body. 
This has been a week of making a new friend(a singer, an opera singer), settling further into the rhythm of a schedule, doing my first loads of wash, being completely unpacked, submitting a Bio for a job, and running into a couple of NYC creatures that come out when the sun is fading. Oh, and adding some amazing opportunities to my calendar of events(Literary Agent Panel & Open House at Random House) plus a concert at Subculture(Break of Reality), all coming up in November, just the beginning of all the new changes arising.
Hugs, hugs, and more hugs,
Jane and Penelope